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I want to say that there is this deep profound meaning behind “I’m So Fly” but there ain't! Getting shoes for size 15 feet in this country is hard. There are crocs but I have standards so I messed up my toes a little by wearing size 14 shoes!

Finally after doing 20-25 gigs in a row I had money so I went to Footlocker and told them I needed a pair of size 15 Jordans. They only had 1 pair. Chicago 213’s… a hybrid sneaker which doesn't typically get a lot of clout. But these were really cool. I just fell in love with them. It’s like I could see colour for the first time. Everywhere I went I heard ‘Nice kicks man, nice shoes bro’. It was like a sign from God! So I bought more.


But it wouldn’t stop. It didn’t matter what colour my shirt was, I needed a pair of J’s to match. Before I knew it I was broke again. So I did the rational thing. I cut down on buying… nah I didn’t! I wrote a song. It was the smart thing to do. I wrote a song and no matter what I put on, I have a pair of shoes to match and that’s my story. And here's the song! On a CD.


I hope you it makes you feel so fly listening to it too.

Jerome Williams I'm So Fly Single CD

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